Unglazed natural terra-cotta flat shingles to 45deg. pitched roofs. Ridges & hips to be fiberglass reinforced in-situ cement in creme colour. Rainwater gutters to all overhanging sloping roofs to be ? round 'aged bronze' colour stainless steel. Soffits to be exposed timber rafters & exposed timber tile battens. Under tiles (internal areas) to be protected with continuous foil water barrier & fiberglass insulation blanket. Flat roofs to be concrete with epoxy sloping waterproof surface finish. Underside of concrete to be protected with sprayed expanded polystyrene insulation.
Pergola roof structures
Rafters to be 'teng' hardwood with matching 100 x 15mm battens over laid with 20mm gaps. Roofing over to be 'Ampelite' translucent fiberglass with 'trimdek' profile laid with 1 degree minimum falls. 'White' colour.
Generally to be masonary construction finished with coloured textured cement render in cr?me colour. Feature walls to be faced with random cut granite rock, close cut joints in cement bed.
To be 600 x 600 precast concrete pavers stained to light buckskin colour with 15cm sandwash infill between. All external steps to be sandwash treads & risers. Planterbox surrounds to be sandwash finish. Water feature ponds & 'wetwall' pool edge to be black slate tiles. Steping stones to be sandwash.
To be dark blue tiles 100 x 100mm. Spill gutter to have mesh grating installed 75mm below terrace level & to be filled to top with river pebbles of similar colour to sandwash. Coping to be stained Concrete to match pavers.
Roof to be 'Alang-Alang' style thatch laid in the traditional Balinise style with ribs of each section laid at maximum of 50mm centers. Hips to be finished using grass bundles to match main roof. Sala floor to be 'teng' 100 x 20 battens with arrised edges laid with 5mm gaps.
Courtyard fences
Boundary & screen walls to be generally finished to match building walls. Wall top to be finished with 250 x 250 x 50 precast concrete capping blocks stained to match terrace pavers.
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