Q. Can I, as a non-Thai national, own the land on which my property is built ?
A. Under Thai law a foreigner normally does not own land. However, it is possible to do so by setting up a Thai company with which to buy the land. In doing so the foreign national owns 49% of the company and a Thai national(s) becomes a 51% nominee partner in order to form the company. This can be easily arranged by your lawyer in order to provide total security for you in your purchase.
Q. If I choose to establish my own company as described above, can I buy my plot on a freehold basis ?
A. Yes! At Thaibali we sell you not only a beautiful spa villa, we offer you the highest form of ownership which is freehold. Secondly a freehold title appreciates much more than a leased property and allows our clients to capitalize faster on their investment.
Q. How do you expect property prices to perform in Phuket ?
A. One can never absolutely guarantee a specific investment return. However, it is a fact that property in the Laguna area has risen in value by approximately 100% over the last five years! This illustrates the popularity of Phuket and particularly the Laguna area when compared with property values throughout most of Asia during the same period!
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