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In order to ensure that our beautiful development and your home are maintained to the highest standards, it is obviously necessary and common practice to charge to each property a monthly maintenance charge which is paid quarterly, in advance.

Additionally, as is also common practice, there will be a ‘one-off’ Sinking Fund charge of 100,000 Baht for each 2 and 3 bedroom apartment and 200,000 Baht for each Penthouse payable upon completion of your home. These funds will be held in the estate maintenance account to cover any additions, upgrades, additional construction of amenities and facilities, replacements, painting etc. that the owners require.


The Maintenance charge covers the following:

• Garbage removal daily

• Gardening and irrigation of all public areas, facilities and gardens

• Security – Physical security, 24 hours a day, 7 days each week

• Manager and staff of the development office together with all utilities and office equipment and supplies

• Insurance for all common areas and public liability

• All common area and office electricity and water supplies

• Pool and equipment cleaning and replacement

• Accounting fees

• All applicable government and leasehold annual taxes

• ‘Tuk Tuk’ shuttle service

• Additional sinking funds to cover maintaining the common areas, equipment and facilities in pristine condition including landscaping, roads, garden and pool furniture and building exteriors including regular re-painting as necessary.

Monthly charges are expected to be as shown below:

2 bedroom apartment - 6,500 Baht per month
3 Bedroom apartment - 7,500 Baht per month
Duplex Penthouse - 13,000 Baht per month
Standard Penthouse - 14,500 Baht per month.

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