The ongoing management for the estate will be provided by Tri-Asia, the management company and owner of Jiva Resort in Phuket and other hotels in the region.

The management will include taking care of and overseeing facilities such as clubhouse, spa and sauna areas, swimming pool and tennis court, common area infrastructure engineering, gardening including pest control, 24 hour security, common area utility cost, garbage collection, and other management services to ensure the smooth running of the estate, General office services will also be available - for example, mail delivery, sending and receiving faxes, photocopy services, internet access availability, laundry services, airline and other transport coordination, car and boat hire, etc.

It is expected that this fee shall increase annually by between 1 - 3 % or indexed with inflation on an annual basis. This fee does not include the daily and monthly individual direct unit maintenance and utility costs. Fees are paid quarterly in advance starting from the day the unit is handed over to the owner. The final management fees will be calculated based on the cost of maintaining the project.

The management fee however does not take into account a capital or sinking fund which is additional. This will cover any and all eventualities of unexpected maintenance, replacements and or improvements of the estate. Should the sinking fund at any time not be sufficient, the management reserves the right to revert back to the owners for additional funds as to ensure that the estate is always kept to proper standards.


Tri-Asia will provide an exclusive rental system, should the unit owner not reside in the unit on a permanent basis and wishes to see a return on the investment. All outside rental companies (if any) must to go through Tri-Asia for any and all rental requirement. The Villa owner will be asked not to use outside services direct, as we, Tri-Asia, can not screen rentals and thereby protect the investment on behalf of all unit owners.

It is anticipated that the rental fee can fetch from 3,000 up to 14,000 baht per night on daily use rate depending on apartment size, season and length of stay. For long stay we envisage a monthly rate of between 35,000 to 60,000 baht per month.

Tri-Asia will collect a 30% management fee on daily rentals up to three months or a 10% management fee on rentals more than three months.

The owner may opt to use the unit on a sporadic basis and or fix a certain amount of weeks per year. Depending on the weeks that are occupied by the owner, the return will vary.