Casuarina Shores  


  • Casuarina Shores Co., Ltd is the registered owner of the land.
  • Apartments will be registered in the name of the purchaser at the Land Office with an officially registered address. The purchaser will lease the apartment for thirty years, renewable by owner's shareholding in Casuarina Shores Co., Ltd
  • Each purchaser will receive a pro rata shareholding in the Company, securing future 30 year leases.
  • In the event of resale of an apartment, the corresponding shares will be registered in the name of the new owner and a new lease will be issued.
  • Any and all charges/taxes/fees associated with registration will be borne by the purchaser.
  • Casuarina Shores Co., Ltd will be autonomous in and responsible for arranging and organizing the maintenance functions.
  • Casuarina Shores Co., Ltd will annually elect an owners committee of five owners who will co-ordinate activities with the property management.
  • Casuarina Shores Co., Ltd will own all the common areas, as defined separately.
  • All taxes/fees/charges incurred by Casuarina Shores Co., Ltd as a result of these activities directly related to the development are to be borne equally by all the voting shareholders.

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