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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is currently being prepared, in the meantime please feel free to emailus any questions you may have about property in Phuket.

Can a Foreigner Own Property In Phuket?

Yes, and many already enjoy the benefits of owning property in Phuket. Thai law permits foreign nationals can own buildings (as distinct from land), a unit in a registered condominium, and a registered leasehold of up to 30 years on land. They may not own land on a freehold basis.

Typically many developments on Phuket will offer a 30 year lease accompanied by two options to renew the lease, giving a total of 90 year leasehold ownership. Often there is an option to allow the owner to purchase the land directly should Thai law change to permit direct foreign ownership of land.

Alternatively if a foreign owner is going to do business in Thailand then they can purchase land through their Thai Limited Company.

As with purchasing property in any part of the world, we strongly recommend you seak proper legal advice before signing contracts. There are a number of law firms on Phuket who offer speak English (and other major languages), please feel free to contact us for some recommendations.

What Is A Rai? How Is Land Measured In Thailand?

Rai, Ngan and Wah are the traditional Thai measurements of area, their metric and imperial equivalents are shown below.

Thai Units of Area and their Metric and Imperial Equivalents
1 Rai
4 Ngan
1600 m2
0.4 acre
1 Ngan
100 Wah
400 m2
478 square yards
1 Wah
4 m2
4.78 square yards
6.25 Rai
1 hectare
2.5 Rai
1 acre


Can Somebody Look After My Home When I’m Away?

There are number of property management companies are operating on the island who offer a variety of services to Phuket home owners. The majority of developments here have a common area management programs with the property managers providing a number of services such as security, maintenance and gardening of common areas. Typically they will offer a optional services to indivdual home owners for example cleaning, laundry services, bill payments, swimming pool care and domestic staff.