Two Bedroom Floor Plans

Go with the flow: Easy living from indoor to outdoor, with a spacious living area and veranda covering 117m2.

Room Size m2   Room Size m2
Master Bedroom 20   Kitchen 7.3
Master Bathroom 7   Storeroom 2.7
Bedroom 2 16   Entry 5.4
Bathroom 2.5   Hallways 3.6
Living Room 20   Veranda 30
      Total 117


Ocean Breeze Two Bedroom Apartment Floor Plan
One Bedroom Floor Plan

One Bedroom Floor Plans

Stunning views: The veranda, complete with daybed and dining, overlooks the lake and pool. Total living area of 76m2.

Room Size m2   Room Size m2
Bedroom 16   Storeroom 1.6
Bathroom 7.5   Entry 3.3
Living Room 16   Hallways 1.1
Kitchen 6.5   Veranda 24
      Total 76


Bedroom at twighlight

Suite Floor Plan

Island Style: Suites offer all you need, with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living area and a private veranda, in total covering 57m2

Room Size m2 Room Size m2
Bedroom 12   Storeroom 1.5
Bathroom 5   Entry 4.7
Kitchen 4.8   Veranda 18
Living 12      
      Total 57


Terrace Table
Suite floor plan
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