All of The Coolwater Residences are available for short and long-term rental.

Baan Sairung

Baan Sairung has a broad view over the Andaman Ocean to the west and north. From Its edgeless pool, swimmers peers through the treetops to the valley below. Its broad timber deck is the perfect place for a sunset barbeque or a margarita by moonlight. The master bedroom overlooks the deep-blue pool and the dense tropical forest below. Baan Sairung has three bedrooms, each with a luxurious bathrooms en suite (one of the bedrooms is under the pool and has a large skylight looking right up through the shallow end!). There is also a dedicated maid’s room and a large downstairs “rumpus room” that can serve nicely as a fourth bedroom. The master bathroom boasts a giant, built-in, open-air bathtub, as well as a quiet office nook overlooking the jungle. The elegant kitchen sports stainless steel appliances and black granite countertops. Other amenities include all custom-built furniture, jungle hardwood floors, a DVD player, and two satellite TVs (each with its own receiver). The total area of Baan Sairung is about 490 square meters, the spacious outdoor decks and patios total almost 160 square meters, and the pool is more than 50 square meters.

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Baan Erawan

Baan Erawan occupies the highest point on the Estate. The edgeless swimming pool is designed to be part of the architecture. In the form of a reflecting pool it welcomes you as you arrive. “Floating” stepping-stones beckon you to the poolside deck. The pool wraps under the stairs, and you view it as you ascend. From the dining and living room, and from the broad timber deck cantilevered out front, Baan Erawan boasts views of the ocean to the west and of Pak Bang Mountain to the south. The master bedroom looks over the jungle to the ocean beyond, and the master bathtub has a private elevated garden with a view of the tropical sky. From the fully equipped modern kitchen, you can see the pool again: its infinity edge buts up against deep tropical jungle and a tall palm tree sprouts right through the middle. The poolside wet-bar will help you achieve maximum holiday relaxation. Baan Erawan has three bedrooms in all, one of which is perfect for children. The total area of Baan Erawan is over 360 square meters, decks and patios total almost 140 square meters, and the pool is more than 45 square meters. Baan Erawan is not only for rent- it is also for sale. For more information, click here.

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Baan Salawin

Baan Salawin is the most imposing house on the Estate, and its ocean view is enchanting. With an edgeless pool cantilevered six meters above the road that climbs up to The Coolwater’s hilltop estate, you can’t miss this Residence. The views are simply stunning from the pool, from the poolside patio, indeed from any room in this house: you look over the valley and the rooftops of the quaint village of Kamala, right at the sunset, with the Andaman sea glittering to the west. Baan Salawin has three bedrooms: each has either a balcony or a patio, each with a sweeping view. The master bathroom also has a huge soaking tub. The kitchen is fitted with sleek stainless steel appliances and the whole house boasts dark hardwood floors and beautiful furniture, both modern and classic. The total area of Baan Salawin is over 360 square meters, decks and patios total almost 130 square meters, and the pool is about 30 square meters.

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Baan Sarika

Baan Sarika is a vacationer's dream- this four-bedroom house is the largest Residence on the estate, and has the most comprehensive facilities. With soaring ceilings and massive windows, the living room peers across the Kamala Valley towards Panthurat Mountain, one of the highest peaks on the island. There is a separate kiddie pool on an upstairs patio, and a 95
square meter infinity lap pool that boasts a secret underwater room! From the separate servants quarters and stairway to custom designed furniture and aluminum millwork- no detail has been overlooked. In a house this size, you can really "get away from it all"- even with the whole family in residence, you can always steal away for an afternoon nap on the expansive patio or a quiet moment's reading in the dedicated library. The total area of Baan Sarika is about 700 square meters, decks and patios total over 240 square meters, and the lap pool is 95 square meters.

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Baan Sopaa

With treetops literally brushing the sides of the curving edgeless pool, here’s a place to find serenity in style. Nestled into the side of our hilltop, Baan Sopaa cantilevers out among jungle fruit trees towards Panthurat Mountain, with a bird-filled wetland stretching out below. The feeling here is quiet seclusion, and the execution is all about understated good taste. Comfortable modern furniture and a gourmet-ready kitchen make your tropical escape complete. The scale and seclusion of this house makes it a very appealing getaway, and the materials- sandstone, slate, rattan, and silk- give it a special warmth. With four bedrooms on two separate levels, this house accommodates family or friends with both privacy and intimacy. The total area of Baan Sopaa is about 500 square meters, including almost 160 square meters of patios and 50 square meters of edgeless pool.

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Baan Mayom

Baan Mayom is perhaps the most secluded and the most dramatic house at The Coolwater. Situated at the southeast extremity of the Estate, Baan Mayom soars out of the jungle. Its swimming pool and deck, some 12 meters above the forest floor, literally form part of the jungle canopy. From the master bedroom, kitchen, and living and dining room of Baan Mayom, you look down at swaying treetops, and up at the towering mountain at the back of Kamala valley. The two guest bedrooms in Baan Mayom give a sense of quiet seclusion, like you’ve entered your own private leafy sanctuary. Each guest bedroom has a dedicated balcony suspended among the trunks of exotic tropical trees. The master bedroom is complemented by a stunning, sweeping panorama of a lush island peak. Off the master bedroom is an open-air bath and shower paneled in warm sandstone, and a cozy reading room/office space cantilevered over the forest. The total area of Baan Mayom is almost 460 square meters, decks and patios total about 165 square meters, and the pool is nearly 60 square meters.

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